[UNTLDSTORIES] Select Artist Series

Telling the story of our time through expressive works by select artists who, through the strength of their spirit, play a significant role in the development of the whole, the great harmony. Released in chapters on 12″ record.

[UNTLDSTORIES001] The Untold Stories. Introduction.

 Select Artists 2×12″

The Untold Stories

The Untold Stories 001


A1. Easy Changes – Aralon

A2. DoubtingThomas – Adelaide

B1. Jonas Sella – Le monde de six lances

B2. Marteaux – Let it float

C1. Laurine Frost & Andrey Zots – Tinderbox

C2. Cesare Marchese – Sixes & Sevens

D1. Howl Ensemble – Machinery of Night

D2. Rainer – Metatarso

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[UNTLDSTORIES002] The Untold Stories. Chapter I.

 Select Artists 2×12″. Release 12.01.2015.



Chapter I.

A1. Furz – 420 Error

A2. Suokas – Holy Moment

B1. Andrey Zots – Strobe

B2. Ivan Lopez – L’harmonie sociale

C1. Pheek – Interne

C2. Shcaa – Exil

D1. Suburbs – Regarde le ciel

D2. Mikael Stavostrand – Never Stop (feat K.atou)

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[UNTLDSTORIES003] The Untold Stories. Chapter II.

 Select Artists 2×12″. Release 09.03.2015.

A1. The Beat Circle – Istra Melting
B1. Cleymoore & Marx – The Make Ups
C1. SYUD – Mrassoo
D1. Sobamonk – Maida Vale
D2. Ztrl – Hipnopedia

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[UNTLDSTORIES004] The Untold Stories. Chapter III & Chapter IV.

Release: 29.05.2015UNTLDSTORIES004

A1. Denis Kaznacheev – The House of Shapeshifter

B1. Vlad Caia – Subject 168 2448

B2. Kaitaro – Silent Room

C1. Ivan Lopez – Particular Theory (Original mix)

C2. Ivan Lopez – L’harmonie sociale (Andrey Zots remix)

D1. Zefzeed – Blank signature

D2. Verrina & Ventura – Everybody nose

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[UNTLDSTORIES005] The Untold Stories. Chapter V. (2 x 12″)

Release: 25.10.2016

A1. Jerome.c – An intelligible scrawl

A2. Pheek- Chaos Befriended

A3. Volta Cab – Street Knowledge

B1. Jarz=Polors – Dvsy

B2. MD Wallholz – Ein bisschen Ruhe

C1. Ztrl – Vege

C2. Jonas Sella – PA L.A.

D1. Franco Cinelli – Overdubz

D2. Ivan Lopez – Mentalspace

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[UNTLDSTORIES006] The Untold Stories. Chapter VI.

Release: 04.03.2019

A1. Sputnik One – Cornucopia
A2. Nhouse – Intent
A3. SIL – Prospect
B1. Tommy Vicari Jnr – Eau de HD
B2. Brother Richard – D. A. B.

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