[UNTLDPRO] The Protagonist Series

Telling the individual stories of unsung historical figures. Albums of strong character, both that of the artist and the figure to which the album is dedicated. Available on 12″ record.


[UNTLDPRO001] Sil – Tadeush Konrad.                        

 Release: 23 February 2015


A1. SIL – Taduesh Konrad (Original mix)

A2. SIL – Taduesh Kornrad (Ztrl mix)

B1. SIL – Tadeush Konrad (Hubble remix)

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Tadeush Konrad (May 22, 1873 – 1914) was a Polish born poet and songwriter, who left his native land at a young age. He lived a life of almost constant movement, travelling the lands spreading a message of peace and of respect for nature. A charismatic figure, tied to nothing, except to that which he could never lose – nature. He was a major voice in the anti-nationalist movement, although never officially associating with any specific group, choosing rather to free himself from all chains, and through his songs encouraged people to do the same, and to pledge allegiance only to the land, and to nature, rather than the nation, which he warned was leading the people into troubled times. He died in 1914, shot in the back by an eager soldier.


[UNTLDPRO002] Furz – Alfred Tailor.

Release: May 18 2015





A1. Furz – Alfred Tailor (Original mix)

A2. Furz – Torino Soul (Original mix)

B1. Furz – Alfred Tailor (Laurine Frost remix)


Alfred Tailor (April 23, 1935 – 2008) was born and raised in a poor neighbourhood of Córdoba, Argentina, but this financial situation was of little importance as his family gave to him all the love in his childhood. At the age of twenty he was called up for obligatory military service, there he learnt the office of a tailor. After his military mandate ended he started his own business tailoring suits, which he did with much style and great success, designing clothes for some of the country’s most famous stars. He put all his love into his work and into his family who he loved before everything else.


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[UNTLDPRO003] Suokas – Billy Meier EP

Release: 13.07.2015


A1. Suokas – Gosyle (Original mix)

A2. Suokas – Gosyle (Alka Rex remix)

B1. Suokas – Ka (Original mix)

B2. Suokas – Hyperborea (Original mix)

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier was born in Bülach, Switzerland on February 3rd 1937. A prophet who for over 73 years has maintained a series of physical and telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial beings known as the Plejaren, an extraterrestrial civilisation from the home world of Erra, located in a dimension a fraction of a second in the future from our own. Billy waschosen by the Plejaren as a medium through which to impart their spiritual wisdom; with the aim of raising the consciousness of earth beings.

Billy has extensively transcribed, word-for-word, his discussions with a number of Plejaren beings, these discussions have been published as the ‘Contact Notes’, and give enlightening views on Earth history, humanities, sciences, and spiritual topics. They warn of the danger of accepting a human history, and a resulting future direction, which limits the possible, and imperils the advancement of the spirit.

There are people who question the truthfulness of Billy’s claims, some of these people honestly miss the point.

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[UNTLDPRO005] Pheek – Ismael Samson

Release: 28.11.2016

untldpro005_webA1. Pheek – Lonely Wolf (Original mix)
A2. Pheek – Father (Original mix)
B1. Pheek – The logical question is yet to be defined Ft. Debashis Sinha (Original mix)

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[UNTLDPRO006] Franco Cinelli – Spok

Release: 20.03.2017

A1. Franco Cinelli – Spok (Original mix)

B1. Franco Cinelli – Spok (Nektar Agu remix)


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[UNTLDPRO007] Nektar Agu featuring Cossmos – Seiya

Release: 09.10.2017

A1. Nektar Agu feat. Cossmos – Seiya (Original mix)

B1. Nektar Agu feat. Cossmos – Seiya (Pheek remix)

B2. Nektar Agu feat. Cossmos – Progression Minor 251 (Original mix)

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[UNTLDPRO008] Sebastian Eduardo – Hanshan

Release: 06.11.2017

A1. Sebastian Eduardo – Twelve D Soul Connection
A2. Sebastian Eduardo – UI Enhancement (or The Positive Message)
B1. Sebastian Eduardo – Lyhne’s Death (But The Flowers Are Laughing)
B2. Sebastian Eduardo – Memories (Or My Computerized Mental Information)

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