[VIGNETTE] The Vignette Series

Impressionistic works focussing on the moment, the expression of a single idea or imagination. The works in the Vignette Series do not attempt to tell a whole story but rather concentrate on the beauty found within a single scene or moment in time. The artist determined to feel its every aspect, then tells the magic of the moment with as much descriptive depth as can be found.

These works are extended works, but still single tracks, they are much longer than can be found on our 12” releases, but should not be considered live sets from the artists, as they are single elaborations, a development of a single idea. In literary terms even the categorisation as a short story would be too much, much closer they would be to a theatrical scene, the power in the moment is The Vignette Series.

The Vignette Series are released in digital format and available from our soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/theuntoldstories


[VIGNETTE001] Suokas – Mirrors


[VIGNETTE002] Franco Cinelli – Sat Nam

‘Sat Nam’, the second instalment in The Untold Stories: Vignette Series. Inspired by the Sat Nam Mantra which, through its repetition, helps one gain understanding of “The one constant”. The word Sat means “true/everlasting” and Nam represents the one all-pervading force that sustains the universe.