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[UNTLDFAMILY005] Sobamonk – The Higher EP

Release date: 09.05.2016

UNTLDFAMILY005_Sobamonk_The_Higher_Web01. Sobamonk – The Higher (Original mix)

02. Sobamonk – Be let it (Original mix)

03. Sobamonk – The Higher (Jonas Sella remix)

04. Sobamonk – Be let it (Ivan Lopez remix)

The fifth EP in The Untold Stories digital series comes from Sobamonk, the Cyprus based artist who featured on The Untold Stories Chapter II vinyl collection, with the inspired work entitled Maida Vale. Now he shares two most spiritual tracks: The Higher, is an awesome original work of intense energy, this is then remixed by fellow label regular Jonas Sella, who brings a very different groove to the affair. The second track, which is entitled Be let it, is filled with sounds of nature and filled with a magic air, a very different vibe from the title track, but it shares a distinct otherworldly spirituality which Sobamonk offers up in this EP. The final track is a remix by Madrid based artist Ivan Lopez.


[UNTLDFAMILY004] Plantae – Abzernad EP

Release date: 04.04.2016

UNTLDFAMILY004-Plantae---Abzernadweb201. Plantae – Abzernad (Original mix)

02. Plantae – Vi (Original mix)

03. Plantae – Abzernad (Pheek’s Soothing remix)

04. Plantae – Vi (Jarz=Polors remix)

The fourth UNTLD Family release welcomes Russian producer Plantae to the label. Following a great debut 12” release on Grow record label, he joins The Untold Stories with two extended works. Abzernad, the title track, is filled with magical and ethereal vibes, meditative and calming in effect. These vibes are then remixed by Archipel boss Pheek. The second track Vi is filled with eccentricities and bold percussion, with a lively bounce and some beautiful bass work. The EP is concluded with a remix by the Dutch producer Jarz=Polors.


[UNTLDFAMILY003] Franco Cinelli – Moksha EP

Release date: 28.03.2016

01. Franco Cinelli – Moksha (Original mix)
02. Franco Cinelli – Nirvana (Original mix)
03. Franco Cinelli – Karma (Original mix)
04. Franco Cinelli – Dharma (Original mix)

The third EP in the UNTLDFAMILY Series comes from Argentinian producer Franco Cinelli. Entitled ‘Moksha’ the EP is about liberation, and the achievement of a blissful state of existence for the soul. The production, like the theory, is concentrated, and the tracks develop with careful control. Four quite lengthy tracks each represent a different stage of salvation, each a tool for shedding historical burden and giving release from karmic bondage.


[UNTLDFAMILY002] ADVA – To Me It’s Funk EP

Release date: 07.02.2016

01. ADVA – To me it’s funk (Original mix)
02. ADVA – Early girl 420 (Original mix)
03. ADVA – For those who love (Original mix)
04. ADVA – To me it’s funk (Plantae remix)

For the second release of the UNTLDFAMILY Series, we welcome a new artist to the label, Swiss producer ADVA. A bright talent whose EP, entitled ‘To me it’s funk’, is filled with positive vibes: everflowing bright and raw sounds come together with enlivening energy. Russian artist Plantae also joins the label with a superb remix of the title track.


[UNTLDFAMILY001] Ivan Lopez – Happy Seeds EP

Release date: 15.02.2016

01. Ivan Lopez – Human Lineage (Original mix)

02. Ivan Lopez – Anatomical (Original mix)

03. Ivan Lopez – Subviral (Original mix)

04. Ivan Lopez – Natural History (Original mix)

05. Ivan Lopez – La villa rose (Original mix)

06. Ivan Lopez – Anatomical (Sobamonk remix)



[VIGNETTE002] Franco Cinelli – Sat Nam

‘Sat Nam’, the second instalment in The Untold Stories: Vignette Series. Inspired by the Sat Nam Mantra which, through its repetition, helps one gain understanding of “The one constant”. The word Sat means “true/everlasting” and Nam represents the one all-pervading force that sustains the universe.



[VIGNETTE001] Suokas – Mirrors