All was once written; all stems from the free-flowing source that predates and exceeds the individual mind; some of that very original harmony can still be felt strong; and can be found within the collections of The Untold Stories.

There’s one big harmony. You have to join it by yourself.


The Untold Stories. Vinyl Record Series.

[UNTLDSTORIES] The Untold Stories. Select Artist Series.

Released in Chapters involving select artists. Collections of music most imaginative; with strong primal rhythm and distinct spirit. Telling the collective story of our time through expressive works by artists in moments of much magic.

[UNTLDPRO] The Untold Stories. Protagonist Series.

Telling the individual stories of unsung historical figures – single EPs with strong character.

Both series available on 12″ Record at Juno


The Untold Stories. Book Publishings

Publishing histories, with no distinction between fiction and non-fiction.


Available in select bookstores and direct from our online store, opening in 2015.

Submission Policy

We consider submissions from artists who bring the forces of the past and the future down into their work with skill, character, and attitude.

Records available on 12″ Record at Juno
All further information: mail(at)theuntoldstories.co.uk